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In regards to old customers: orders will not be taken over the internet, but if you get in touch with me on our email address I will my best to meet your needs.

Four Double height raised beds

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We're delighted to say that we have masses of happy customers, many of whom have bought one bed, then another and then another; and who have recommended us to all and sundry as the best (and nicest) place to go for raised beds, frames and covers.  Here's just a small selection of their comments.

The beds arrived this afternoon and having unpacked one and slotted it together it looks to be of very good quality and will suit us just fine.  Construction actually looks idiot proof (thanks for the arrows)

L H 2015


Finished both beds today and am well happy just fantastic

P K 2015


It's all excellent quality, am very happy.

M J 2015

Deeply grateful for you going to all the trouble....  Delighted with the beds - goes without saying!

P D Dorset  October 2013


Dear Sean, let me begin by saying that my wife and I are delighted with the vegetable beds. Also thanks for sending the hose adaptors promptly.
Now that the irrigation is hooked up, she has decided to extend the hassle free watering approach to the raspberries and blueberry.

P S Hampshire August 2013


Found a spare hour this afternoon and set up the frames and nets in the beds... Which was easier than I thought it would be... Took only an hour! And looks brilliant!

K R Tunbridge Wells May 2013

My heart felt thanks for your work...  The time and attention I have received from you and Gaynor from the very start of this project has been exceptional and invaluable.  You have been so patient with my often vague and changing visions, bringing them together with your amazing design ideas and practical gardening input.
The original three beds formed foundation of my plans for the garden. Your materials, workmanship and project management have been second to none attracting many admirers, from fellow gardeners to blokes who just love a bit of British oak that size! I'm sure you and Gaynor were not so enamoured with the oak whilst transporting and moving it to the veg plot for construction! Beautiful nonetheless.
Finally thank you for the quick, efficient and totally non disruptive nature of your work. A project of this size, with its many components (wood, gravel, compost, soil, garden fibre etc etc) usually has a cost, but you managed it quickly efficiently and with no impact on the surroundings or our daily routine. 
So, thank you Home Grown Revolution, Sean & Gaynor, for your superb workmanship, inspiration and delivery of a product that looks beautiful and is so highly functional.
A H Norfolk April 2013

Beds look wonderful and have transformed the garden - will remain delighted even if they never grow anything (but we are sure they will).

T VdB Surrey April 2013


Bence raised bedsDear HGR

It was good to meet you again at the recent Stansted Garden show as we were keen to tell you about our raised beds and how delighted we are with them... it has been lovely to watch the veg grow from the kitchen window and then pop outside and cut some salad for supper! 

Many thanks, and keep up the newsletters - keeps me on track with the jobs whilst my husband is away at sea - makes me look like I know what I'm doing when he returns and it's all neat and tidy!!

Best wishes

Helen and David Bence - July 2012

The beds look extremely good & I look forward to harvesting my produce. Many, many thanks for all your help & excellent service.
Brenda Notton, March 2012

Text of an email sent December 2011:

Heading: Ecstatic!

Just a quick message to say how fantastic the frames and nets are. We have tucked up all our veggies and they look very happy! Not so the pigeons. Thank you so much. They look so good.  

Ro and Ron Edwards


Dear Gaynor

We are delighted with our raised beds delivered last week.  A very clever design, which must have taken a lot of thought. We are looking forward to spring when we can go in full production.

Mary and Mike George, Nayland, Suffolk.  November 2011

Hi Gaynor

Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.  Amazingly all my young plants and lettuces under the polycover survived the freezing temperatures and snow.  I lost the odd broad bean plant that had the misfortune of being planted at the end of the row but otherwise they all look good and I am making my way through my lettuces!  I think the snow actually insulated the tunnel from the low temperatures.

Regards, Chrissie.

Dear Sean

Just wanted to say what a fantastic success my beds are! I am so thrilled and my only problem is being short of space. If the photo of the beds would be any use for your website, please use it. The other is my first ever bowl of salad!

I would definitely like one more bed and another set of aluminium frames- could you book me in when you've got a space?

Many thanks- I hope in time you will get some business via me as everyone is extremely impressed.

Best wishes,


(NB:This customer had two beds installed in her front garden where she needed something that would look good, as well as be productive.  She was so pleased she ordered two more beds and is now the envy of her village).

A very big thank you for our fantastic new HGR vegetable plot! The two beds look beautiful and, in fact, we now sit near them in the evening with a drink in hand and just admire them!!

We can hardly believe how much we are able to grow in them; we've got marrow, mangetout, dwarf beans, radishes, lettuces, rocket and other salad leaves, parsnips, spinach, sprouting broccoli, beetroot, garlic and other herbs, ridge cucumber and sweetcorn! Everything tastes so much better when it's homegrown! It's also very easy… we enjoy sitting on the sleepers as we work and the nets you provided have been wonderful...nothing has been eaten by the birds this year, so more for us!

Thank you again. We very much enjoyed the day when you came to deliver and 'fit' the garden. Excellent and friendly personal service that all went exactly to plan. 

We wish you the success you deserve. 

Best wishes

John and Elizabeth Reddaway


Dear Sean and Ed
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the beautiful vegetable garden you installed for me recently.  The size and design of the raised beds has given me a veg plot that not only looks great, but is practical and easy to maintain.
Two features that I particularly like are the gravel path surround and the aluminium frames for housing the netting or polytunnels.  The gravel surround sets off the railway sleepers beautifully and keeps the grass, weeds and snails at bay.  The frames are sturdy and tall enough to allow me to keep the nets in place throughout the growing season, and the netting itself is strong enough to keep out dogs, cats, chickens and the odd football! 
The irrigation system is also really handy – when I get home from work I attach the garden hose to the connection points on each of the raised beds and then I leave the veg garden to water itself.     
Installation was really quick – I have to admit I never thought you would get the job completed in one day, but you proved me wrong!  It was great to leave the house in the morning and come back in the evening to a fully functioning vegetable garden – all I had to do was plant the seeds!
Thanks to you both. Best wishes,
Stephanie Wistow


As an avid Gardeners World viewer Geoffrey Hamilton first got me into growing vegetables in raised beds some years ago.  However during the last eighteen months my homemade scaffolding plank beds collapsed in a messy heap of rotten wood and strange stringy fungi followed by rampant weeds and my veg growing enthusiasm dwindled.

I was very keen to try out the Home Grown Revolution beds as soon as I heard about them, and so far they have more than fulfilled my expectations.  Having some mobility problems I really like the fact I can sit on the sleepers to do the gardening without too much bending.  There is always an ideal place to park a cuppa!  Sitting on a stool I use the side of the bed as a potting bench, and with the polytunnel in situ one bed has been used as a mini green house to bring on bedding plants as well as module grown vegetables prior to planting out.  I have even found the central frame of the polytunnel an ideal place to suspend newly planted hanging baskets.  The sides of the beds make a sheltered spot in which to put plants to harden off, and the gravel is clean and low maintenance.

I have had my Home Grown Revolution raised beds for about a month now and have already harvested my first crop.  Add that to the fact that the installation had transformed a grotty area of my garden into something very attractive and all I can say is, I’m very, very pleased!

Penny Graham-Jones

Dear Sean
Just to let you know, rather belatedly, that construction of the beds went well and they have been successfully pressed into service.
The polycover has been very useful and, for next year, I'll have to treat myself to some netting to keep out the pesky cabbage whites et al.
I'm finding your monthly information sheets really useful too and it would be really helpful, sometime, if you put together an annual chart of what should be going in when, with and without a cover.
Best regards

(NB: This customer bought one of our kits to make his own Home Grown bed.  We are working on a planting guide to use in conjunction with our covers).