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oak and pine kit beds, planted
pine kit bed with heavy netting cover 2

Rainbow Chard

Savoy Cabbage

The taste’s the thing in home grown vegetables

There are few vegetables that don’t taste better when they are cut or lifted immediately before eating and it’s impossible to get the same result from shop bought food, no matter which supermarket you use.  Just dug new potatoes popped straight into the pot taste especially good, as does purple sprouting broccoli, asparagus, carrots and beans.  There is a good reason for this:  completely fresh vegetables are sweeter. They are also nutritionally better for you as vitamin content tends to go down as vegetables lose their freshness, often when sitting in a warehouse or on a supermarket shelf wrapped in polythene.

The great thing is that with one of our raised kit beds the time and effort needed to produce such great tasting results is minimal.  With a range of covers to protect your juicy scarlet strawberries from the birds, and an irrigation system to take care of the watering of your young spring greens and summer cabbages, you’ll be harvesting in no time. And really enjoying the incomparable taste of everything you’ve grown.