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In regards to old customers: orders will not be taken over the internet, but if you get in touch with me on our email address I will my best to meet your needs.

Fitting end panel of polycover
End panels of polycover are easily fitted
Polycover is securely attached using bungees
Putting the middle section of the polycover into place
Attaching middle of polytunnel
Vented polycover is well fitted to the frames
Polycover well fitted
Easy access to all of the bed from each side


Our polycovers are an incredibly good piece of kit; they allow you to carry on growing throughout the winter and to start sowing and cropping earlier than usual in the spring because they've kept your soil warmer and drier. Many of our customers call them 'flexible greenhouses' because you can just whip them off and store them as the spring and summer get going (replacing them with one of our netting covers) and then popping them back on again as the seasons progress towards winter once again. You can use them in the summer too, to bring on chillis, tomatoes and other crops that need consistent warmth, and you don't need to worry that it will get too damp and humid as the enviromesh slots at both ends allow for good ventilation.

The material we use is called sterilite, and has advantages over many other types of polythene commonly used for gardening. For instance:

  • sterilite blocks part of the UV spectrum, greatly reducing the incidence of fungal diseases inside the bed, such as mildew and botrytis
  • it also blinds aphids and other flying insects that use UV to naviate. Whilst this won't stop them from munching, it does stop them flying, so if you do get an infestation it tends to remain localised, giving you a good chance of eradicating the problem before too much damage has been done. 

Vented polycover

Our polycover comes in three separate, but easily fitted together pieces: two ventilated end panels which you fit to your end frames with integral velcro straps, and one longer middle section which you attach to the end panels with the same heavy-duty velcro. The benefits of this design are:

  • the entire side of the polytunnel now opens up allowing for really easy access to the whole of your bed from each side
  • the cover can be pulled nice and taut around the frames reducing the amount of flap which not only looks neater but will reduce wear and tear
  • because the cover is made in three separate pieces it's easy to replace part of a cover should it be necessary

We recommend that you clear any falls of snow from the top of the covers.  Failure to do so will result in the cover sagging.   The cover should last at least four to five years under normal usage and conditions (we're still using our prototype polycovers six years on and they're still going strong). We recommend that it is wiped with a dry cloth before being gently folded for storage. Keep away from any sharp edges.

Non-vented versions also available.  

We can make this cover pretty much any size. Please contact us by phone or email if you'd like to discuss a bespoke cover.