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Home Grown Revolution will not be taking any orders from new customers for the forseeable future.

In regards to old customers: orders will not be taken over the internet, but if you get in touch with me on our email address I will my best to meet your needs.

Oak raised bed at the Romantic Garden Nursery
Raised Beds at Blickling

Solid azobe sleepers and copper brackets - stylish and functional

If a job’s worth doing…

If  you’re going to go to the trouble of putting in raised beds then they should last a good long time before they need replacing.   This is why you will never see an HGR raised bed with a one inch thick timber wall.  Our minimum thickness is 2 inches of pine for our standard kit beds, 3 inches for our premium kit beds and 5 inches of azobe for our installed beds.  Likewise, all our metalwork is fabricated out of strong non-rusting copper, aluminium and stainless steel.  This means our beds will last for many years, and in the case of our installed beds, a lifetime.

We follow the same basic principles with our covers.  The netting covers are made from recycled North Sea fishing net (immensely strong) and the enviromesh and polycovers are made from tough webbing and top grade horticultural materials.

Not only do we try hard to make sure that the materials we use are of excellent quality, but we have spent time and energy ensuring that our designs are simple and functional.  All in all, we have produced what we believe to be the best domestic raised bed cultivation system on the market.  Happily, we have many customers who agree with us.