Important Notice

Home Grown Revolution will not be taking any orders from new customers for the forseeable future.

In regards to old customers: orders will not be taken over the internet, but if you get in touch with me on our email address I will my best to meet your needs.

Home Grown Revolution
Fruit nets and oak beds in Norwich
Hoop for raised bed
Strong non-rusting frames for raised beds and kit beds
Cpper brackets on Azobe bed

Hoops and Metalwork

All the metalwork that we use is first and foremost strong enough to perform the task that it is designed for.  We promise you that it will not bend or buckle in high winds or collapse under the first onslaught of an enthusiastic child or pet.  Neither will it rust.  We use aluminium for our hoops and channels and stainless steel for our brackets.  So, if you need hoops to fit an existing bed or want brackets to put together your own raised bed then order off the website or get in touch with us.

Standard frames on standard kit bed Stainless steel bracket Made-to-Measure Frames

Standard Hoops


Custom Built Hoops