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Heavy Duty Pest Protection
pine kit bed with heavy netting cover 2

Our bird netting is effective against all birds, including chickens

Detail of bird netting cover

Heavy Duty Pest Protection

If you've previously grown your own vegetables then at some point you will almost certainly have struggled with bamboo canes and netting.  The trouble is that most netting tears, and birds, butterflies, rabbits and a whole host of other pests will find the holes.  Disaster. HGR nets are different.  For a start you can put them on or take them off in a couple of minutes as they attach like a fitted sheet over our sturdy aluminium frames, fixing securely to the sides of the bed with bungees.  The corners are reinforced to ensure a good tight fit. There’s no fiddling around or problems with tangles and what’s more they’re made from recycled North Sea fishing net which, not surprisingly, is as tough as it comes.  Finally a strap wraps around the bottom of the net to fully secure the bed against the pests. 

But HGR crop protection doesn’t stop with nets.  We also make an enviromesh cover which provides very good protection against carrot fly and aphids and a polycover that creates the same conditions as a polytunnel, keeping the soil and the air temperature warm, enabling you to extend your growing season by as much as two months.  It's a very versatile system, as our full range of covers are all made to precisely fit each bed, and can be changed quickly and easily depending on the time of year and the crops that you're growing and need to protect.

All in all we believe we have produced the best non-chemical crop protection system on the market, one which can be used with all our raised bed options.