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Premium Oak Bed with enviromesh cover
Custom built oak bed with enviromesh cover in Norfolk

Enviromesh Covers

Our enviromesh covers are made from very fine horticultural grade nylon netting, fine enough to keep out insects such as carrot fly, cabbage root fly, leek moths and many aphids.  They are finished with a stretchy band of webbing at the bottom to ensure a good close fit to the bed for optimal protection. 

 The cover lets in rain, and will offer some wind protection, but please note that it will not let any pollinators through. We recommend that if you are growing any flowering crops such as peas or strawberries underneath this cover, that you remove the cover for a couple of hours each day whilst the crops are flowering to give bees, wasps, butterflies and other pollinators access. 

Covers should last up to five years under normal usage and conditions. Whilst the nylon is strong, it is a more fragile cover than the bird and butterfly nets, and appropriate care should be taken when putting on, taking off and storing.  Keep away from sharp edges.