Important Notice

Home Grown Revolution will not be taking any orders from new customers for the forseeable future.

In regards to old customers: orders will not be taken over the internet, but if you get in touch with me on our email address I will my best to meet your needs.



  • Is the timber you use treated with anything?

    Our pine beds are made from PEFC ProTim* treated pine. ProTim is a water-based anti-insecticide and fungicide that helps to extend the life of the bed. If left untreated, a pine bed will rot extremely quickly. There are no arsenic based preservatives used, and the beds are completely safe to garden in.  To keep your beds going for longer, we supply them with a ready cut gardening polythene liner, which provides a barrier between the bed and the moistness of the soil. 

    Our oak beds and azobe sleepers are left untreated - because they are both  hard woods they have good longevity, especially the azobe which will last a lifetime. 

  • Why are raised beds so much better than just planting straight into the ground?

    There are many advantages to using a raised bed:

    • Less compacting of the soil (you're not trampling over it to get to another part of the bed) which means easier weeding and improved growing.
    • Better soil drainage, meaning less disease.
    • You're effectively planting into double the amount of topsoil, and can therefore plant much more closely. This helps to create a micro-climate, protecting your crops whilst ensuring they're getting all the nutrients they need.
    • Easier gardening. With a Home Grown Revolution bed you can comfortably perch on the edge of the sleepers/timbers whilst easily reaching to the middle of the bed, which means less strain on the gardener's back.
    • It's much easier to protect your crops with a cover, as you've got permanent fixing points.
    • Because you can plant much more closely together in a raised bed due to the excellent soil conditions, there's physically less room for weeds to take root.  You will still get weeds (sorry, that's a given), but with the good uncompacted topsoil these are easy to get rid of. 
    • You can grow your vegetables in environments not usually associated with good growing properties, such as heavy clay soil.  Using good quality screened top soil  to fill your bed means that your vegetables will have a much better chance.
    • Much easier maintenance. No heavy ground to dig over every year.

  • I've already got my own raised beds. Can I buy just the frames and covers?

    Yes you can.

    FRAMES: We are now able to custom make our upright one-piece frames to a maximum of 2.4m width (click here). These can be easily retro-fitted to any existing beds you may already have, both timber and brick. These start from £20 per frame (includes aluminium channel to affix to the inside walls of the bed, into which the frames sit), and we recommend that you use one frame for approximately every 1.25m length of your bed.  Alternatively, if you're just about to make your raised beds with your own supply of sleepers or timbers and prefer our heavier, premium frames (click here)  then you can buy a set of these frames, and make your beds to fit them. We will send you all relevant measurements and instructions.  Please note that if you plan to use these premium frames then you must use timber of at least 60mm width, to ensure that the frames will sit well within the wood itself.  

    COVERS:   If you buy your frames from us (see above) then we can make any of our covers to fit.  We are unable to make covers for frames you may have purchased elsewhere, as having the frames to fit the covers to is essential for a correct fit.   If you would like to purchase covers from us as well as frames, then please contact us by phone or email and we'll be happy to give you a quote.  Alternatively, why not consider buying cover material by the metre (click here)?  We'll be happy to advise you as to how much material you may need, and the best way of securing it to your beds for maximum coverage.

  • I have mobility problems. Can you build the raised beds higher?

    Yes. We can build our beds to pretty much any height you need.  Having well made beds is especially important the higher you go and we take great pride in the excellent construction of our beds.  Lead times may be slightly longer than normal (which isn't too long) as we may have to order in bigger timbers, depending on the size and height you need.  Please contact us by phone or email if you'd like further information or a quote. 

  • How much work do I need to do to get the site ready for you to build me an installed bed?

    We are happy to dig up turf and do a certain amount of ground preparation. However, we won't dig up concrete or paving stones, neither will we clear scrub. Ideally, you'll provide us with clear, level ground and we'll provide you with a beautiful vegetable bed, ready to use, in a matter of hours.

  • Don't sleepers seep tar and chemicals into the ground?

    Yes, lots do. But ours don't. The azobe sleepers we use for our installed beds are untreated, won't leach chemicals into the soil you're growing your vegetables in, and won't give you a sticky and tarred backside if you decide to sit on them for easier gardening.  If you'd like to read more about our sleepers please click HERE. 

  • What if I only have a small garden? Will a Home Grown Revolution bed fit?

    Whilst our large kit beds may be too big for some gardens (they're a generous 2.5m x 1.5m) we make two smaller sizes.  The small kit bed measures 130cm x 90cm x 20cm high and the medium bed measures 175cm x 125cm x 20cm high.  Both these sizes will give you a decent growing area and, given their clean lines and smart, neat covers, will ensure that you can have a raised bed that won't take over your garden.  If you plan to place your smaller beds straight onto a patio, we would recommend that you have them built double height to give your plants a decent depth of soil in which to grow.  If this is something that you'd like to do, then please call us, we can advise on the best methods for drainage and so on.  

  • Can I put my raised bed straight onto a hard surface?

    Yes you can.  In an ideal world, you'd be putting your raised bed straight onto turf or soil, as your plants are then able to grow down into this, and drainage will be good.  However, sometimes this isn't possible if, for example, you only have a small patio garden.  In these instances we would recommend that you go for a double height bed, as you'll then be giving your crops a decent amount of soil to grow in.  In order to assist with drainage, we would recommend where possible that holes are drilled into the concrete or whatever hard surface it is, and then a good thickish layer of gravel laid down on the bottom before you fill your bed with top soil and compost.  You can also line the inside and the bottom of the bed with a permeable layer of ground cover (we can sell this by the metre) to help contain the soil. If you're in any doubt, then please call or email us, we'd be very happy to advise. 

  • How long does it take for you to send my order to me?

    We will endeavour to get your order to you within 14 days.  In many instances it will be much sooner than this.  At our busiest times, usually the spring and early summer, it may take a little longer than this, but we'll give you a call and let you know when we'll be able to get your beds, covers and frames to you.