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Home Grown Revolution will not be taking any orders from new customers for the forseeable future.

In regards to old customers: orders will not be taken over the internet, but if you get in touch with me on our email address I will my best to meet your needs.

Home Grown Revolution
Double height raised bed
Large pine beds in Sheringham
Fruit nets and oak beds in Norwich
Beds at Caister
Oak raised bed at the Romantic Garden Nursery
detail irrigation pine bed
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Planting seeds in raised vegetable bed
Premium Oak kit bed with frames
Double height small pine kit bed
Small pine kit bed +
Beds at Blickling
New polytunnel open
Mead Lodge bed
Table bed with polycover
Bespoke oak beds with enviromesh and frames
Medium kit bed plus outside cottage, Home page
Bespoke pine beds with bird netting covers
Beds in London
Table top bed
Berry safe1
an installed bed
Raised Beds at Blickling

wooden raised vegetable beds

At Home Grown Revolution we build raised beds and crop protection of the highest quality which makes the process of growing your own fruit and vegetables as easy as possible.  We have designed an efficient and elegant system that not only looks good, but will nurture and protect your crop from seedling to harvest and we are even able to provide our range of protection hoops and covers for raised beds that you may already have.  

We can deliver flat pack pine beds and crop protection to anywhere in the country or we can provide an installation service to fit your needs.  So have a look at our range of products and see what suits your requirements.

Raised bed in small garden Bespoke oak bed Romantic Garden Nursery
Standard Raised beds Installed Beds
Bespoke oak bed for Client in Norfolk

Table top bed

Custom Built Beds  Table Top Beds
 Hoop and channel  Polycover on raised bed
Hoops and Metalwork  Covers and Irrigation

We know that not all of you are experienced vegetable growers, so we provide on-going support and information via our facebook page, which you can sign up for here.  And if you want specific advice, we're more than happy to help you out via email. 

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  • Starting growing your own vegetables

    Give yourself the best chance. If you are new to growing your own, then Home Grown Revolution beds with their unique cover system and built-in irrigation offer you the best chance of success whilst cutting down on the labour required to get results.

  • No food miles

    Growing your own vegetables is a great way of cutting down on your carbon footprint. With the Home Grown Revolution cover system you can be productive all year long and avoid resorting to chemical sprays.

  • Stylish kitchen gardens

    The design and appearance of our beds is as important as their functionality. With clean lines and premium materials, our beds are as easy on the eye as they are on your back.

  • Mobility problems and growing your own in a raised vegetable bed

    If you are a wheelchair user or suffer from pain during physical activity such as gardening, the prospect of growing your own may seem one challenge too far. Don’t give up. Home Grown Revolution make double height (and higher) beds which are easy for wheelchair users to access.

  • If a job’s worth doing…

    We believe in using materials that are up to the job, and we go beyond just covering the basics or ‘making do’ because we firmly believe that if a job is worth doing then it’s worth doing well.

  • The taste’s the thing in home grown vegetables

    If you grow your own, you will have the opportunity to taste just- picked produce. It’s something that money can’t buy.

  • Heavy Duty Pest Protection

    Our cover systems are unique. Whether your problem is rabbits, pigeons, butterflies, carrot fly, cats or frost, we have a cover for it.

  • Get them growing young

    Children love growing things. With our beds, cover systems and irrigation you can do your best to ensure that they get results for their efforts so that they want to keep doing it year after year. Even better, we offer a discount package for schools.